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Ventilated Ice Cream Display Freezers
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Ventilated Ice Cream Display Freezers

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Ventilated ice cream displays are fan assisted to ensure even cooling over the whole cabinet. This helps to give a more consistent temperature for the ice cream or gelato. This type of cabinet is favoured when selling a higher quality ice cream or gelato where scooping temperature is critical. It also helps preserve the look of the ice cream and helps to reduce unsightly ice crystals forming on top of the ice cream. Ice cream display freezers, counter top displays freezers, and gelato display freezers to show off your delicious ice creams and gelatos to customers. All our ice cream freezer displays are manufactured to the highest standards and are in plug-in so easy to set-up. Our ice cream displays come in range of sizes and additional features depending on how much space you have. For example, If your looking for a small ice cream displays with storage, then our Bermuda Ice cream display could be perfect for you. We also offer some unique ice cream counter options such as our Millemiun Ice Cream Display Range

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