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Hobart Combi Steam Ovens
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Hobart Combi Steam Ovens

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Hobart Combi Steam Ovens - Powerful & Reliable. Enjoy the benefits of steam cooking with precision, versatility, and efficiency. Designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen setup, these ovens are perfect for achieving optimal cooking results. Each model offers full touch controls for ease of use and is available in different capacities to accommodate your culinary requirements.

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Now: €8418.40 +VAT
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Now: €10824.85 +VAT

Hobart Combi Steam Ovens

These products expertly combine steam and convection cooking, catering to both professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. Their dual functionality promotes precise temperature management and even heat distribution, enhancing kitchen operations and culinary output.

Model Selection

Our selection features various sizes, from compact models ideal for smaller kitchens to larger units designed for high-volume commercial settings.

Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

These versatile ovens are engineered for a variety of cooking tasks, making them perfect for restaurants, cafes, and catering operations, as well as for home chefs who value efficiency and quality.

Features and Benefits

These ovens are distinguished by their reliable performance and advanced cooking features, which contribute to consistently superior culinary results and operational dependability.

Purchase Considerations

When choosing a combi steam oven, consider the size, capacity, and intended frequency of use to ensure it meets your culinary output and operational demands. These units are crafted to endure heavy usage and maintain exceptional performance.

Choosing Caterboss

Caterboss is renowned for providing high-quality kitchen equipment. Chefs across Ireland trust these ovens for their consistent operation and precise cooking capabilities.

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