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Hot Display Multidecks
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Hot Display Multidecks

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Hot Display Multidecks are specifically designed for the attractive presentation of bakery items, ensuring they remain warm and visually appealing. These units feature innovative designs such as Heated Multidecks and Plug & Play options, catering to various bakery environments. Each model provides consistent heat distribution, perfect for maintaining the ideal serving temperature of breads, pastries, and other baked goods.

RRP €2152.83 +VAT
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RRP €2301.52 +VAT
Now: €1938.14 +VAT
RRP €2263.95 +VAT
Now: €1996.87 +VAT
RRP €2797.37 +VAT
Now: €2591.37 +VAT
RRP €7556.00 +VAT
Now: €5637.10 +VAT
RRP €8488.20 +VAT
Now: €6324.80 +VAT
RRP €8712.40 +VAT
Now: €6490.19 +VAT
RRP €9066.40 +VAT
Now: €6751.34 +VAT
RRP €10057.60 +VAT
Now: €7482.56 +VAT
RRP €10517.80 +VAT
Now: €7822.06 +VAT
RRP €10812.80 +VAT
Now: €8039.68 +VAT
RRP €12228.80 +VAT
Now: €9084.28 +VAT
RRP €12429.40 +VAT
Now: €9232.27 +VAT
RRP €13680.20 +VAT
Now: €10155.00 +VAT

Explore Our Hot Display Multidecks

Our Heated Multidecks are ideal for maintaining warmth in bakery items, perfectly suited for cafes, bakeries, and retail shops, ensuring that your offerings remain at the desired temperature.

Size and Configuration Options

Choose from compact to large Bakery Multidecks, each designed to maintain optimal temperature for pastries, sandwiches, and other heated treats.

Ideal for Food Service Establishments

These units are essential for bakery owners, cafes, and delis that aim to present their warm food attractively and efficiently.

Product Options

Our selection includes units that fit snugly into small areas as well as models that cater to bustling, high-traffic environments.

Efficiency and Installation

Our Heating Multidecks are engineered for easy installation with plug-and-play functionality and are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help in keeping operating costs lower.

Reliability and Durability

Recognized for their reliability and durability, these heating units help ensure that your baked goods are presented well and kept at the appropriate temperature.

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