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Detergent and Rinse Aid
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Detergent and Rinse Aid

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Enhance your kitchen's cleaning efficiency with high-quality commercial dishwasher detergents and glass washer rinse aids. These products are specifically formulated to achieve sparkling kitchenware and streak-free glassware, ensuring your dishes shine with cleanliness. Our selection includes options for every type of commercial kitchen, providing reliable and high-performance cleaning solutions that cope with the demanding pace of restaurant environments.

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Top-Quality Cleaning Solutions

CaterBoss supplies essential cleaning products tailored for commercial kitchens, emphasizing efficiency and optimal hygiene. Our dishwasher detergents are formulated to deliver immaculate results in high-demand restaurant and café environments.

Glass Washer Rinse Aid

Optimize the clarity of your glassware with our rinse aid, designed to leave no streaks, enhancing presentation in bars and hotels.

Eco-Friendly Dish Soap

Choose our eco-friendly dish soap for a sustainable cleaning option that effectively cuts through tough grease, perfect for environmentally conscious establishments.

High-Efficiency Rinse Aid

Our high-efficiency rinse aid accelerates drying times, ideal for kitchens needing fast turnarounds without sacrificing a streak-free shine.

Professional Kitchen Cleaners

Our professional kitchen cleaners combat tough grime on all surfaces, ensuring a sanitary cooking area.

Bar Glassware Detergent

Our bar glassware detergent is specifically formulated to clean delicate glass without leaving residues or scratches, ideal for pubs and cocktail bars.

Hotel Glass Cleaner

Achieve a pristine finish on mirrors and windows with our hotel glass cleaner, designed to impress guests with spotlessly clean glass surfaces.

Cafe Dishwashing Liquid

Our cafe-specific dishwashing liquid efficiently breaks down grease while being gentle on hands, offering a powerful yet skin-friendly cleaning solution.

Restaurant Cleaning Solutions

Our comprehensive range of kitchen maintenance products, including detergents and rinse aids, helps maintain the pristine condition of your restaurant's kitchen.

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