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Pressure Fryers
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Pressure Fryers

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Pressure Fryers - Fast, High Volume Cooking. Featuring a selection of pressure fryers from renowned brands, including Henny Penny. These appliances are essential for achieving crispy, perfectly fried chicken and are designed for high efficiency and reliability in commercial kitchen settings.

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Now: €52275.69 +VAT

Explore Our Pressure Fryers

Caterboss features pressure fryers perfect for restaurants and cafes, designed to deliver crispy, delicious results consistently.

Gas Pressure Fryers

With options like the Henny Penny models, our gas pressure fryers are efficient and reliable, perfect for high-volume kitchens seeking fast, even cooking.

Electric Pressure Fryers

Our electric pressure fryers offer ease of use and maintenance, suited for smaller kitchens or food trucks, ensuring consistent cooking results.

Chicken Fryers

These fryers are specifically engineered for frying chicken, designed to lock in flavor and moisture for juicy, crispy outcomes every time.

High Pressure Cookers

These versatile and efficient cookers can handle a diverse menu, making them a superior choice for expanding culinary options in any kitchen.

Commitment to Quality

Choose Caterboss for high-quality, competitively priced pressure cooking solutions that feature trusted brands like Henny Penny, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

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