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Sundae Cups
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Sundae Cups

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Sundae Cups in a selection of styles including tulip and conical designs, crafted from durable materials like stainless steel and clear glass. These cups come in various sizes, suitable for serving individual portions or larger shares. Their unique and aesthetically pleasing styles enhance the presentation of your desserts, making them ideal for both casual and formal dining settings.

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RRP €13.60 +VAT
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Explore Our Sundae Cup Selection

Our sundae cups come in a variety of sizes and styles, ideal for events like birthdays and corporate gatherings, with a choice of colors to match your event's theme.

Party and Corporate Event Sundae Cups

Enhance your gatherings with sundae cups ranging from playful, casual designs to sleek, professional styles suitable for corporate events.

Durable and Cost-Effective

CaterBoss provides robust sundae cups at competitive prices, ensuring your desserts are presented both beautifully and securely.

Diverse Designs and Sizes

Select from a broad collection of sundae cups, whether you need something compact and straightforward or expansive and decorative, we accommodate all tastes.

Versatile Use for Various Occasions

Our cups are perfect for family reunions, special celebrations, or casual meet-ups, offering both style and functionality.

Unique Styles for Memorable Events

Make your events distinctive with our uniquely styled sundae cups, available in various colors and designs that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Perfect for Desserts

Our sundae cups are specifically designed for dessert events, providing an appealing presentation for your sweet treats.

Enjoyment with Loved Ones

Create lasting memories with friends and family using our specially designed sundae cups, ideal for any social gathering.

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