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Multideck Display Fridges
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Multideck Display Fridges

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Multideck Display Fridges. Wide range of options including Framec Sunny Range, Trimco Regalo Range, Framec Small Range, Interlevin Italia Range, Frilixa Canedo Range, and more. Features include stainless steel finishes, low height designs, slimline models, and versions with doors.

Multideck Display Fridges

Explore CaterBoss's selection of multideck display fridges, designed to enhance product visibility and accessibility in shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Framec Sunny Range

The Framec Sunny Range includes the White Wall Site for dairy products and the Stainless Multideck for a sleek appearance, catering to the demands of busy retail environments.

Trimco Regalo Range

Optimize smaller spaces with the Trimco Regalo Range Low Height multideck, ideal for easy access to drinks and grab-and-go items.

Frilixa Canedo Range

The Frilixa Canedo Range Low Height multideck is another compact solution, keeping products visible and easily reachable in cafes and small shops.

Interlevin Italia Range

The Interlevin Italia Range offers the SP60 Slimline for narrow areas and the SP60X with added features, both perfect for displaying a variety of drinks and snacks.

Framec Small Range

The Framec Small Range features the White Slimline for tight spaces and the Stainless X Range for a contemporary look, both suited for smaller retail settings.

Multideck with Doors

The Framec Super Sunny Range With Doors combines security with visibility, ideal for high-traffic areas where customer access to products is essential."

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