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Cleaning & Scouring
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Cleaning & Scouring

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Specialized Cleaning & Scouring Products. Our selection includes professional-grade cleaning chemicals and equipment tailored for a variety of surfaces. Find stainless steel and galvanized steel sponge scourers, designed for heavy-duty cleaning. Additionally, we offer specialized tools like pizza oven brushes, complete with and without handles, and probe wipes for precise cleaning tasks. These products are designed to enhance cleaning efficiency across multiple applications, ensuring pristine results in floor, window, and glass maintenance.

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Cleaning & Scouring Supplies

Explore our comprehensive collection of cleaning supplies, from professional-grade tools to essential household items, including specialized chemicals and versatile equipment.

Floor Cleaning Solutions

Keep floors pristine with our selection of mops, brooms, and specialized cleaning agents for both domestic and commercial environments.

Window and Glass Cleaners

Our window and glass cleaning solutions provide streak-free results, perfect for both home use and professional settings.

Cleaning and Scouring Accessories

Browse our extensive selection of cleaning accessories, including brushes and sponges, designed to boost the efficacy of your cleaning tasks.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Outfit your business with our durable cleaning supplies, featuring heavy-duty solutions and specific tools tailored for maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Household Cleaning Products

Enhance home cleanliness with our reliable range of household cleaning products, from everyday essentials to specialized solutions.

Latest Products

Stay informed about our latest cleaning innovations, created to streamline and enhance your cleaning efforts.

Trust in CaterBoss for top-quality cleaning supplies that simplify and effectively aid in maintaining cleanliness.

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