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Chocolate Equipment
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Chocolate Equipment

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Professional Chocolate Equipment Kits. Includes specialized tools like the Cook Matic and TARTLET FORMER, essential for precise chocolate crafting. These kits are designed to enhance the art of chocolate melting and decorating. Each product is carefully hand-selected from top manufacturers, ensuring high-quality performance for both amateur and professional chocolatiers.

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Professional Chocolate Equipment Kits

CaterBoss offers a specialized selection of chocolate equipment, including tools like the Cook Matic and the TARTLET FORMER, designed to enhance the precision and artistry of chocolate creation.

Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

Our selection caters to both professional chocolatiers and avid home cooks, equipping you with the right tools for a range of chocolate preparation tasks to achieve outstanding results.

Cook Matic: Consistency at Its Best

This piece of equipment is ideal for crafting uniform chocolate pieces effortlessly, ensuring a professional finish every time.

TARTLET FORMER: Effortless Uniform Tartlets

Designed to simplify your baking process, our TARTLET FORMER helps you achieve perfectly uniform tartlets with ease, enhancing your dessert presentations.

Efficient Chocolate Melting Equipment

Our chocolate melters are engineered for smooth and even melting, perfect for crafting rich chocolate sauces and exquisite coatings.

Why Choose Our Equipment?

CaterBoss is recognized for selecting top-quality products that meet the exacting standards of Ireland’s elite chocolatiers, complemented by superior customer service.

Secure and Reliable Purchasing

Enjoy a secure shopping experience supported by our dedicated customer service team, known for their quick and helpful responses.

Our Selection

Browse our professional chocolate equipment today and enhance your chocolate crafting with essential, high-quality tools.

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