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Commercial Induction Cookers
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Commercial Induction Cookers

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Commercial Induction Cookers. Energy-efficient induction hobs, fryers, and woks. High-quality and reliable. Designed for efficient and confident cooking. Embrace the future of induction cooking. Perfect for any commercial kitchen.

Explore Our Commercial Induction Cookers

CaterBoss offers a selection of induction cookers suited for professional kitchens including cafes and restaurants. Our products, including induction hobs, fryers, and woks, deliver efficient and reliable cooking solutions.

Energy-Saving Induction Hobs

Designed to be cost-effective, our induction hobs heat quickly and cook evenly, making them essential for high-demand environments. Available in various sizes to accommodate any kitchen layout.

Precision Induction Fryers

These fryers provide precise temperature control, ensuring optimal results for foods like chips and fish. Additionally, they are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

High-Performance Induction Woks

Our induction woks are ideal for quick stir-frying, suitable for dishes across Asian cuisines. They offer rapid heating and even cooking, combining energy efficiency with user safety.

Efficient Electric Boiling Hobs

Reliable for quick boiling, these hobs suit various culinary tasks like preparing soups and stews. They are easy to operate and maintain.

Compact Countertop Boiling Hobs

These versatile, compact hobs fit well in smaller kitchen spaces and are easy to relocate and store, perfect for a range of cooking methods from boiling to simmering.

Why Opt for Our Induction Cookers?

CaterBoss is committed to providing high-quality, efficient cooking solutions that meet the demands of any professional kitchen.

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