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Ingredient Bins
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Ingredient Bins

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Durable and Hygienic Ingredient Bins. Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, these bins are designed for robustness and easy maintenance. Each bin features a secure locking system to ensure safe food storage and includes a range of sizes from 7.5 liters to 102 liters, suitable for various food service demands. Many units come equipped with a scoop for convenience, supporting cleanliness and efficiency in ingredient management.

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Ingredient Bins

CaterBoss Ingredient Bins are designed for commercial kitchens, offering durable and hygienic storage solutions. These bins are primarily crafted from robust materials like polypropylene, ensuring longevity and hygiene.

Diverse Storage Solutions

Our selection includes both stationary and mobile models, each crafted to meet specific food storage needs effectively.

Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

Chefs and kitchen staff rely on these bins for efficient ingredient organization, especially in busy culinary settings.

Features Comparison

These bins are not only easy to clean but also feature secure locking mechanisms, which are essential for maintaining safety and hygiene in any food service environment.

Warranty and Support

Each bin is backed by a one-year warranty and supported by robust customer service, offering peace of mind in high-demand settings.

Benefits of Our Ingredient Bins

Enhance your kitchen's functionality with our bins, known for their reliability and easy maintenance.

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