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Miscellaneous Table Top
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Miscellaneous Table Top

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Enhance Your Tabletop Presentation. Our selection includes essential items such as napkin holders, table numbers, menu covers, coasters, table signs, place cards, table tents, and table runners. Each product is designed to elevate the style and functionality of dining settings, providing an organized and sophisticated touch. Hand-selected from top manufacturers, these accessories are perfect for both casual and formal dining environments.

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Enhance Your Dining Setup

Our napkin holders are elegantly designed to keep napkins neatly organized and easily accessible, perfect for both restaurant and cafe settings. Their versatile designs ensure a harmonious match with a variety of decor styles.

Table Numbers and Menu Displays

Clear, easy-to-read table numbers help guests promptly find their seats, while our well-designed menu displays present your culinary options with clarity, both contributing to a professional atmosphere in your dining area.

Coasters and Informative Table Signs

Our coasters protect your tables from stains and spills, while our informative table signs keep guests well-informed about your dining protocols or offerings, merging functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Place Cards and Promotional Table Tents

Place cards are essential for guiding guests at organized events, and our table tents offer an effective way to highlight special promotions or events, ideal for use in weddings and large banquets.

Vibrant Table Runners

Our colorful table runners are an easy way to enhance the ambiance of your dining area, adaptable for both casual gatherings and lavish celebrations.

All CaterBoss products are carefully selected from top manufacturers to ensure they not only complement your dining aesthetics but also enhance the overall guest experience with their functionality.

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