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Meat Slicers
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Meat Slicers

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Commercial Meat Slicers

RRP €620 +VAT
Now: €542 +VAT
RRP €935 +VAT
Now: €810 +VAT
RRP €1577 +VAT
Now: €1253 +VAT
RRP €2122 +VAT
Now: €1650 +VAT
RRP €1757 +VAT
Now: €1657 +VAT
RRP €2828 +VAT
Now: €2728 +VAT
RRP €7910 +VAT
Now: €7810 +VAT

Electric meat slicers allow you to slice meat in bulk and slice meat as needed -- which reduces waste in your establishment. Commercial electric meat slicers can easily cut through processed meats to fill your customers' orders, and with blade sizes ranging from 9 to 14 inches, you're sure to find the perfect lunch meat slicer to match your output requirements. With a variety of models designed for different levels of use, from entry level to premium, we have just the right meat slicer for a slow-paced restaurant or a bustling deli!

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