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Ice Cream Machines
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Ice Cream Machines

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Ice Cream Machines. Available in commercial, countertop, and soft serve varieties. Includes models like the popular Angelito ice cream machine. Designed to create delicious frozen treats.

Explore Our Ice Cream Machines

Explore the diverse selection of ice cream machines at CaterBoss, ranging from robust commercial models to convenient countertop units. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and ice cream parlours.

Commercial Ice Cream Machines

Designed for high-demand environments, our commercial machines produce large quantities of ice cream quickly, supporting the needs of busy shops and events.

Countertop Ice Cream Machines

Compact and user-friendly, these machines are perfect for small businesses or residential use, fitting easily in smaller spaces while offering simple operation and maintenance.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

These machines are excellent for crafting creamy soft serve, favored in fast-food restaurants and dessert bars, with straightforward operation and cleaning.

Angelito Ice Cream Machines

Noted for their reliability and consistent performance, Angelito machines are preferred by many Irish businesses for their dependable operation.

Ice Cream Machines for Sale

Our extensive collection includes everything from commercial ice cream makers to specialized cone machines, catering to all business scales.

Lease Options Available

Lease an ice cream machine for greater flexibility, a suitable choice for seasonal businesses or special events.

Why Choose CaterBoss?

Our ice cream equipment stands out for its durability and efficiency, backed by excellent customer support, ensuring a satisfying purchase experience.

Contact Us

For assistance in selecting the right ice cream machine, contact our team. We're eager to support your ice cream production adventure with CaterBoss.

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