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Salad Fridges
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Salad Fridges

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Sandwich / Salad Prep Refrigerators. High-quality, stainless steel construction. Designed to keep ingredients fresh. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Explore Our Salad Fridges

CaterBoss offers a selection of salad and sandwich prep refrigerators, featuring brands like Unifrost, Koldbox, and Interlevin. Whether you're setting up for pizzas or salads, our versatile units meet all professional kitchen requirements.

High-Performance Salad Fridges

Choose from models such as the Unifrost RC900E Refrigerated Counter or the Koldbox KXCC2 Salad Prep, designed for both home and commercial kitchens.

Pizza Prep Stations

Our pizza prep fridges, including the Unifrost PCF900N and the Blizzard BPB1500, streamline the pizza-making process.

Space-Saving Designs

For smaller kitchens, our compact models like the Blizzard BCC2-ECO offer efficient storage solutions without occupying excessive space.

Large Capacity Refrigerators

The Unifrost RC1370E-2D Refrigerated Counter and Blizzard BCC2-4D-ECO provide ample storage, ideal for bustling kitchen environments.

Elegant Granite Top Counters

Add sophistication to your space with our granite top models such as the Blizzard BCC3PREPGRANITE, which are particularly suited for upscale restaurants.

Benefits of Choosing Our Fridges

Opt for CaterBoss for reliable, durable fridges designed to accommodate a variety of culinary preparations. Enjoy enhanced kitchen functionality with our carefully selected products.

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