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Fly Killers
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Fly Killers

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Fly Killers: Insect Control Equipment. Includes electric fly killers, fly zappers, and fly traps. Each product is designed to maintain a fly-free environment efficiently. Our items are hand-selected from top manufacturers, ensuring high-quality and effective solutions for your insect control needs.

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Fly Killers for Every Space

CaterBoss offers a selection of fly control solutions, including electric fly killers, fly zappers, and fly traps that are suitable for both home and commercial settings.

Electric Fly Killers

These devices, which use UV light to attract and instantly eliminate flies, are perfect for areas such as kitchens, dining areas, and wherever food is prepared or served.

Fly Zappers

Especially effective in larger areas, fly zappers help maintain fly-free environments in outdoor venues and during substantial gatherings.

Fly Traps

An effective non-electric option, fly traps use bait to attract and securely hold flies, making them an excellent choice for areas where electric devices are unsuitable.

Insect Control Lamps

Designed to blend with any décor, these stylish lamps ensure effective fly control, perfect for cafes, restaurants, and indoor dining spaces.

Competitive Pricing

Our hand selected range of fly control solutions is competitively priced, ensuring you get effective results without excessive expenditure.

Effective Fly Control Solutions

Our comprehensive lineup of fly control products is designed to suit a variety of environments, from bustling commercial kitchens to peaceful residential spaces.

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