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Pizza Fridges
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Pizza Fridges

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Efficient Pizza Fridges. Available models include pizza prep fridges, granite top tables, and specific units like Blizzard BCC2PREPGRANITE. Features Unifrost PT1400N Pizza Counter and Blizzard BCC3PIZZA-ECO.

Efficient Pizza Fridges

CaterBoss offers a selection of pizza fridges designed for optimal kitchen organization and efficiency. Our products include pizza prep fridges, granite top tables, and pizza making tables, each tailored to enhance your culinary space.


The Blizzard BCC2PREPGRANITE pizza prep table features a robust granite top, ideal for dough preparation, coupled with ample storage space.

Unifrost PT1400N Pizza Counter

The Unifrost PT1400N provides a spacious preparation area and maintains ingredients at optimal temperatures, suitable for high-volume settings.


The Blizzard BCC3PIZZA-ECO is an energy-efficient model, offering significant energy savings without compromising on space or functionality.

Tefcold PT Range Preparation Counter

The versatile Tefcold PT Range counters are designed for multifunctional kitchen tasks, providing a durable work surface and consistent cooling.

Why Choose Our Pizza Fridges?

CaterBoss is committed to delivering high-quality pizza preparation solutions that cater to the needs of both commercial and home kitchens.

Product Assurance

Our pizza fridges and counters are built to last, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your daily operations.

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