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High-Quality Weighing Equipment. Our scales offer precision with features like LCD displays, intuitive controls, and reliable measurements. They are compact, ensuring easy storage and portability. Ideal for both digital and analog measurement needs with various weight limits and graduation options to suit diverse requirements.

RRP €63.64 +VAT
Now: €53.03 +VAT
RRP €77.50 +VAT
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RRP €96.67 +VAT
Now: €80.56 +VAT
RRP €96.67 +VAT
Now: €80.56 +VAT
RRP €127.20 +VAT
Now: €106.00 +VAT
RRP €175.60 +VAT
Now: €146.33 +VAT
RRP €340.90 +VAT
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RRP €443.17 +VAT
Now: €369.31 +VAT

Essential Scales

CaterBoss offers specialized scales crafted for precision in both commercial kitchens and industrial environments, ensuring accuracy and resilience. These scales are adept at handling tasks from routine ingredient weighing in culinary settings to managing substantial weights in industrial contexts.

Commercial Kitchen Scales

Designed with chefs in mind, our bench scales feature intuitive controls and clear LCD displays for immediate and accurate weight readings. Their space-saving, portable design ensures they can be easily integrated and relocated within any commercial kitchen setup.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Scales

Engineered for the toughest environments, our industrial scales provide dependable performance and accurate measurements, crucial for various industrial operations.

Advanced Digital Scales

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our digital scales deliver precise measurements with easy-to-read displays and user-friendly interfaces, ideal for both commercial kitchens and industrial applications.

Optimal Choice for Professionals

These products are selected for their high performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability, catering effectively to diverse professional environments.

Compact and Portable

Our scales are designed for operational convenience, offering easy storage and mobility which allows for reliable measurements wherever required.

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