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Protective Screens
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Protective Screens

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High-quality protective food-safe screens, meticulously hand-selected from top manufacturers. These screens are designed to enhance safety and well-being in environments requiring social distancing and precautions against Covid-19. Ideal for creating safer dining and service areas, they feature options with cut-outs, sneeze guards, and mobile versions to accommodate various setup needs.

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Protective Screens for Enhanced Safety

Our selection of protective screens is crafted to enhance safety by facilitating social distancing in various business environments. Available in multiple sizes and styles to accommodate different space requirements.

Screen Options

Choose from clear acrylic screens perfect for counters and desks, freestanding models for flexible use, and wall-mounted screens for secure, permanent placement.

Ideal for Retail and Office Settings

Suitable for use in restaurants, retail stores, and office spaces in Ireland, these screens are designed to safeguard both employees and customers.

Features Comparison

Acrylic screens provide clear visibility and effective barriers, freestanding screens are easily movable and adaptable, while wall-mounted screens maximize space and provide enhanced stability.

Product Specifications

Easy to install, our screens are made from durable materials ensuring long-term use. They are meticulously designed to uphold safety standards for social distancing.

Benefits of Our Protective Screens

CaterBoss screens are selected for their superior quality and functionality, offering reliable protection in both public and private sectors.

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