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Commercial Ironing
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Commercial Ironing

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Commercial Ironing Machines. This selection includes industrial ironing machines, professional steam irons, and commercial ironing systems designed for efficient and high-quality fabric care. Our products, hand-selected from top manufacturers, ensure durability and performance. Perfect for achieving professionally pressed garments and textiles.

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Commercial Ironing Solutions

CaterBoss offers a specialized selection of commercial ironing equipment tailored for robust use and durability. Our collection features industrial ironing machines and professional steam irons that cater to a variety of business environments.

Industrial Ironing Machines

Specifically designed for high-demand settings such as hotels and commercial laundries, our industrial ironing machines provide efficient and reliable performance, ensuring linens and garments are crisply maintained.

Professional Steam Irons

These irons are ideal for smaller scale operations, emitting strong steam that effectively removes wrinkles and creases from fabrics.

Commercial Laundry Roller Irons

Engineered to manage substantial fabric loads, our roller irons offer consistent and precise pressing, making them user-friendly and boosting productivity.

Ironing Accessories

We also offer a carefully selected assortment of ironing accessories, including high-quality ironing boards and durable covers, to enhance your ironing setup.

Competitive Pricing

Our ironing equipment is priced competitively, providing excellent value while maintaining high quality standards.

Why Choose Our Ironing Solutions?

We are dedicated to quality, stocking only premium ironing machines and accessories designed for optimal performance in both large and small business settings.

Ideal for Hospitality and Commercial Use

Our products meet the specific demands of the hospitality industry and other professional sectors, ensuring consistently well-pressed garments and linens.

Reliable Customer Support

Our knowledgeable customer service team is available to help you choose the most suitable ironing equipment for your business requirements.

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