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Burger Press
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Burger Press

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Premium Burger Presses for Perfect Patties. Ensure uniformity and consistency with each use. Adjustable depth settings and interchangeable plates cater to various patty sizes. Designed for easy cleaning and durability, these presses are built to endure frequent use in busy kitchens.

RRP €1035.61 +VAT
Now: €863.01 +VAT
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Now: €920.92 +VAT
RRP €1190.64 +VAT
Now: €992.20 +VAT

Burger Press Selection

Caterboss presents a selection of burger presses designed for both home cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs, crafted to streamline your burger preparation process.

Manual Burger Press

The manual burger press is straightforward to use and ensures uniformly shaped burgers, perfect for smaller kitchen spaces or occasional use.

Electric Burger Press

Our electric burger press is crafted for efficiency and uniformity, making it a superior choice for high-volume kitchens and catering events.

Quality and Durability

Sourced from top manufacturers, our burger presses are constructed from premium materials, offering durability and dependable performance through frequent use.

Adjustable Features

Our burger presses feature adjustable depth settings and interchangeable plates, enabling you to customize burger thickness and shape with ease.

Convenience in Cleaning

Our burger presses are designed for hassle-free maintenance, featuring structures that make cleaning straightforward and less time-consuming.

Why Opt for Our Burger Presses?

Recognized for their reliability and high-performance, Caterboss burger presses are a top pick for culinary experts looking for effective kitchen solutions.

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