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Stainless Steel Fridges
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Stainless Steel Fridges

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Stainless Steel Fridges. Includes stainless steel chillers and coolers. Models available: Blizzard H400SS, H600SS, KOLDBOX KXR600 VENTILATED, Unifrost R450SV, R700SVN, Interlevin CAR410, CAR650, Tefcold RK500B, Unifrost R1000SV, KOLDBOX KXR1200, Interlevin Italia Range AF07TN, Blizzard BH2SS, HBP700, Interlevin CAR900, CAR1250, Unifrost R1300SVN, Blizzard BH2SSCR, CAR1390.

Top-Quality Stainless Steel Fridges

CaterBoss offers an extensive lineup of stainless steel fridges including chillers and coolers suitable for any catering business, featuring models like the Blizzard H400SS and H600SS.

Blizzard Stainless Steel Fridges

Known for reliability, the Blizzard BH1SS Upright Stainless is ideal for busy kitchens, while the Blizzard BH1SSCR Stainless Display suits display needs.

Unifrost Refrigerators

Unifrost provides robust refrigeration solutions with models like the R450SV and R700SVN, and larger options such as the R1000SV and R1300SVN for extensive storage.

Interlevin Solid Door Fridges

Opt for Interlevin for secure storage solutions with models like the CAR410 and CAR650, or the larger CAR900 and CAR1250 Gastronorm Solid for bigger spaces.

KOLDBOX Ventilated Fridges

KOLDBOX ventilated fridges, such as the KXR600 and KXR1200 1200L, ensure consistent temperature control.

Tefcold and Italia Range

The Tefcold RK500B Solid door Refrigerator delivers dependability, and the Interlevin Italia Range AF07TN Gastronorm offers Italian design flair.

Why CaterBoss?

CaterBoss provides top-notch stainless steel fridges that enhance the efficiency of restaurants, cafes, and catering operations, ensuring a combination of reliability and durability.

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