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Storage Equipment GS
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Storage Equipment GS

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Storage Equipment GS offers top-quality storage solutions including under-counter refrigerators, chest freezers, and wall-mounted storage cupboards. These products are made with high-grade materials selected carefully from recognized manufacturers, ensuring durability and efficiency. Perfect for optimizing space in commercial kitchens, these units come in various sizes from compact under-counter models to larger chest freezers, accommodating different storage capacities. Each model is designed to provide reliable preservation of ingredients and supplies, enhancing the functionality of any business environment.

RRP €1000.29 +VAT
Now: €890.63 +VAT
RRP €1087.60 +VAT
Now: €967.06 +VAT
RRP €1119.46 +VAT
Now: €994.96 +VAT
RRP €1163.53 +VAT
Now: €1033.53 +VAT
RRP €1191.44 +VAT
Now: €1057.96 +VAT
RRP €1191.44 +VAT
Now: €1057.96 +VAT

Top-Quality Storage Equipment for Your Business

Caterboss offers a variety of shelves and racking systems in multiple sizes and materials, designed to organize space efficiently and handle everything from lightweight to heavy-duty storage needs.

Durable Racking Systems

Our racking systems are built to last, providing sturdy support for heavy items such as large kitchen appliances and bulk warehouse goods.

Secure Cupboards and Lockers

Enhance security with our robust cupboards and personal lockers, designed to safeguard your valuable items and personal belongings.

Competitive Pricing on High-Quality Products

We pride ourselves on offering durable, high-quality storage solutions at competitive prices.

Reliable Supplier with Flexible Solutions

Enjoy reliable service with benefits such as flexible payment options to help manage your budget effectively.

Ideal for Restaurants and Warehouses

Our versatile storage equipment is crucial for improving operational efficiency in diverse settings like restaurants and warehouses, ensuring a smooth workflow and organized environment.

Why Choose Caterboss?

Opt for Caterboss for reliability in quality and pricing, with added benefits tailored to support your business operations efficiently.


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