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Candy floss machines
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Candy floss machines

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Candy Foss Machines. Premium quality machines designed specifically for crafting candy floss at various events. Ideal for commercial environments, these units offer robust performance and consistent results. Each model is selected from top manufacturers, ensuring reliability and efficiency in operation.

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Candy Floss Machines

CaterBoss offers a curated selection of candy floss machines suitable for both commercial and home use throughout Ireland. Our lineup includes models designed for high-demand settings such as carnivals and festivals, and compact units perfect for private occasions like family gatherings and birthday parties.

Commercial Candy Floss Machines

Our commercial units are engineered to handle the rigors of busy event environments, combining durability with operational efficiency.

Home Cotton Candy Makers

These machines are designed for ease of use and simplicity in maintenance, making them perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings.

Performance and Value

CaterBoss candy floss machines are known for their dependable performance and cost-effectiveness, making them a superb addition to both social functions and professional events.

Warranty and Support

Each machine is backed by a warranty and supported by prompt shipping services throughout Ireland, along with accessible customer support.

Machine Varieties

We offer both electric and gas-powered models, accommodating different event needs and user preferences.

Ideal Users

Our machines are a great choice for event organizers, business owners, educational institutions, and community centers aiming to enhance their events with a fun, sweet treat.

Choosing Your Machine

Select from user-friendly electric models ideal for static settings or robust gas models that excel in outdoor environments. Both types are crafted to deliver consistently delightful cotton candy.

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