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Ventless Hoods
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Ventless Hoods

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Ventless Hoods - Innovative Cooking Solutions. Features an advanced air filtration system that effectively captures and eliminates fumes and odors. Ideal for kitchens without access to traditional ductwork. Improves air quality, ensuring a cleaner and safer cooking environment.

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Ventless Hoods for Your Commercial Kitchen

Our selection of ventless extractor hoods efficiently removes fumes and odors, perfect for kitchens with space constraints as they eliminate the need for traditional ductwork.

Effortless Installation

Choose a ductless commercial kitchen hood to ease the installation process, especially in compact areas.

Enhanced Air Quality

The integrated air filtration systems in these hoods capture harmful particles, creating a healthier cooking environment.

Efficient Operation

Designed to meet the intense demands of busy restaurants and cafes, our ventless hoods effectively manage heavy cooking fumes.

Reliable Kitchen Air Management

Enhance your culinary operations with our efficient and dependable kitchen air systems.

Superior Fume Control

Achieve exceptional air cleanliness with advanced fume filtration solutions that adeptly remove smoke and grease.


Benefit from the easy maintenance of ductless extraction systems, which reduce both time and costs associated with complex ductwork installations.

Quality and Durability

Our carefully selected range of ventless hoods is celebrated for its durability and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for any commercial kitchen.

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