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Cafetieres & Coffee Decanter
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Cafetieres & Coffee Decanter

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Enhance your coffee experience with our selection of cafetieres and coffee decanters. Each product features a durable build and an attractive design, ideal for both personal and professional use. Enjoy easy operation, superior construction, and simple cleaning processes. Our cafetieres and decanters come in various capacities, catering to different serving size needs.

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Now: €37.86 +VAT
RRP €49.27 +VAT
Now: €41.06 +VAT

Cafetieres and Coffee Decanters

CaterBoss showcases a curated selection of cafetieres and coffee decanters from esteemed brands like Bourgeat, Contempo, and Carlisle, ideal for cafes, restaurants, and home enthusiasts.

Top-Quality Coffee Accessories

Our cafetieres and coffee decanters are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and consistent coffee quality with each use.

Designed for Simplicity and Efficiency

Our coffee equipment is crafted for ease of use and quick maintenance, perfectly suited for busy environments where time and cleanliness are paramount.

Robust Construction

Each piece is built to withstand the rigors of daily operation in bustling settings, from bustling downtown cafes to busy home kitchens.

Sophisticated Aesthetic

The elegant designs of our coffee equipment not only perform excellently but also add a touch of style to any setting.

Meets High Volume Needs

Our larger capacity decanters are designed to meet the needs of high-traffic establishments, ensuring a steady flow of coffee during busy periods.

Exceptional Filter Coffee Gear

Our selection includes specialized equipment for filter coffee, crafted to optimize the brewing process and enhance the flavor profile of each cup.

Essential for Coffee Establishments

Equip your venue with our superior coffee brewing equipment to elevate your coffee service and delight your customers.

Trusted Coffee Brewing Solutions

Opt for CaterBoss to find reliable and competitively priced coffee brewing equipment that stands the test of time.

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