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Service & Cooking Equipment
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Service & Cooking Equipment

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Professional Service & Cooking Equipment. Our selection includes high-quality ovens, cookware, cutlery, and crockery, meticulously hand-selected from top manufacturers. Each product is backed by a warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction. Ideal for both commercial kitchens and serious home cooks aiming to enhance their culinary environment.

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RRP €776.92 +VAT
Now: €695.08 +VAT
RRP €1042.47 +VAT
Now: €927.55 +VAT
RRP €2632.23 +VAT
Now: €2319.27 +VAT
RRP €2936.08 +VAT
Now: €2585.27 +VAT
RRP €3283.69 +VAT
Now: €2889.56 +VAT
RRP €3289.49 +VAT
Now: €2894.65 +VAT
RRP €9929.52 +VAT
Now: €8707.48 +VAT

Exceptional Catering Equipment

CaterBoss specializes in high-quality service and cooking tools, including innovative ovens, robust cookware, precise cutlery, and elegant crockery. These essential items are well-suited for both commercial kitchens and home cooking enthusiasts.

Advanced Cooking Ovens

Perfect for restaurants, cafes, or catering businesses, our selection includes convection, steam, and combination ovens designed to meet a variety of cooking demands with outstanding reliability and efficiency.

Premium Cookware Selection

Explore our comprehensive range of cookware, from pots and pans to baking trays, designed for professional chefs and avid home cooks, focusing on high performance and long-lasting durability.

Superior Cutlery and Crockery

Our collection of durable and stylish cutlery and crockery is ideal for enhancing the dining experience in hotels, restaurants, and at special events.

Exclusive Clearance Offers

Take advantage of exceptional discounts on select high-quality items through our clearance sales. These offers provide great savings with limited availability.

Assured Quality and Value

Our products come with warranties, ensuring both quality and value for your investment.

Efficient Customer Support

Our dedicated customer service team is here to provide assistance, ensuring a smooth experience.

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