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Fish Fridges
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Fish Fridges

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Fish Fridges designed to maintain the optimal environment for storing seafood. These specialized refrigeration units come equipped with precise temperature controls and multiple storage options to ensure that seafood remains at its peak quality. Ideal for both commercial kitchens and dedicated seafood markets.

RRP €3401.28 +VAT
Now: €2686.84 +VAT
RRP €3993.64 +VAT
Now: €3146.17 +VAT
RRP €4361.80 +VAT
Now: €3431.65 +VAT
RRP €6069.20 +VAT
Now: €4540.27 +VAT
RRP €8252.20 +VAT
Now: €6150.70 +VAT
RRP €9374.70 +VAT
Now: €7314.28 +VAT
RRP €13432.40 +VAT
Now: €9972.19 +VAT

Top-Quality Fish Fridges and Storage Solutions

CaterBoss offers a selection of specialized fish fridges designed to maintain the ideal storage conditions for seafood, suitable for various professional kitchen environments.

Comprehensive Fish Fridge Selection

Our inventory includes upright models designed for high-volume usage and compact fish cabinets that are ideal for smaller spaces, accommodating different storage needs.

Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

Perfect for professional kitchens, seafood markets, and culinary enthusiasts, our fish fridges combine functionality with efficiency.

Features Comparison

Opt for our spacious upright fridges or our compact fish cabinets, all crafted to maintain the necessary cool temperatures crucial for seafood preservation.

Selection Considerations

Consider your available kitchen space and the volume of seafood to be stored when choosing a model. Our fridges offer energy efficiency and are designed for easy maintenance, seamlessly integrating into any kitchen setup.

Featuring competitive pricing and robust construction, our fish storage solutions provide reliable quality for any culinary setting.

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