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Drop-In Electric Fryers
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Drop-In Electric Fryers

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Drop-In Electric Fryers. Our selection includes high-quality units designed for efficiency and reliability in professional kitchens. These fryers are perfect for establishments requiring a seamless integration into their cooking line-ups, offering consistent frying results.

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Now: €1386.25 +VAT
RRP €2030.98 +VAT
Now: €1714.83 +VAT
RRP €2760.53 +VAT
Now: €2317.02 +VAT
RRP €3453.40 +VAT
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RRP €4406.00 +VAT
Now: €2917.70 +VAT
RRP €4406.00 +VAT
Now: €2917.70 +VAT

Explore Our Drop-In Electric Fryers

CaterBoss offers a selection of Drop-In Electric Fryers designed to integrate seamlessly into any kitchen countertop, making them a perfect fit for both bustling restaurants and compact cafes. These high-performance units are pivotal for efficiently preparing a variety of fried dishes.

Fryer Configurations

Choose from models with single or double baskets in various sizes and capacities, all configured to meet the demands of any high-volume culinary setting.

Ideal for Culinary Professionals

Our fryers cater to the needs of restaurant owners, professional chefs, and catering experts, enhancing the functionality of both fixed and mobile food service environments.

Fryer Features

Our Restaurant Drop-In Fryers are engineered for rapid heating and consistent temperatures, ideal for high-traffic kitchens. For smaller spaces, our Kitchen Drop-In Fryers offer compact yet powerful frying solutions.

Selection Guide

Select the appropriate fryer based on your kitchen's spatial constraints and capacity requirements. Each unit is straightforward to install and maintain, equipped with comprehensive instructions and advanced safety features.

Hand-selected from top manufacturers, our Drop-In Electric Fryers are built for reliability and efficiency, suitable for diverse culinary settings. These dependable units are crafted to elevate cooking experiences in any professional kitchen.

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