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Commercial Fryers for Fish & Chip Cooking. Available in standing, countertop, chip, and commercial models. Options include gas, electric, and twin tank fryers. Features top brands like Pitco, Lincat, and Banks.

Commercial Fryers for Fish & Chip Cooking

CaterBoss offers a lineup of fryers designed for every kitchen type, including standing and countertop models tailored for both commercial and smaller settings.

Standing Fryers

These fryers are designed for high-volume environments like restaurants, available in both gas and electric options to fit kitchen requirements.

Countertop Fryers

Compact and efficient, countertop fryers are perfect for spaces like cafes and food trucks, offering simplicity in operation and maintenance.

Commercial Gas Fryers

Known for their quick heating capabilities, these fryers are built to withstand the demands of busy commercial environments and deliver consistent results.

Electric Fryers

Electric models are celebrated for their energy efficiency and the ability to provide even heating, making them adaptable for various kitchen setups.

Top Brands

We feature models from respected brands such as Pitco, Lincat, and Banks, ensuring reliability and high performance in your frying operations.

Twin Tank Fryers

These fryers provide the capacity to cook different items simultaneously, enhancing productivity by saving time in active kitchens.

Twin Basket Fryers

Offering the ability to fry multiple batches concurrently, twin basket fryers are essential for meeting the demands of high-volume frying tasks.

Explore our collection and select the ideal fryer that meets the specific demands of your cooking environment.

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