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Squeeze Bottles
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Squeeze Bottles

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Squeeze Bottles ranging from 8oz to 32oz, available in clear and red options. Each bottle comes with customizable caps and nozzles, tailored for versatile use in kitchens and service areas. Crafted for both durability and ease of use, these bottles ensure reliable dispensing of liquids in controlled portions. Perfect for sauces, dressings, or condiments.

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RRP €2.90 +VAT
Now: €2.42 +VAT
RRP €4.30 +VAT
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RRP €5.27 +VAT
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Now: €3.86 +VAT

Squeeze Bottles

Available in sizes ranging from 8oz to 32oz, our squeeze bottles are ideally suited for any catering environment. Each is crafted from top-quality materials that guarantee both reliability and durability, ensuring they withstand frequent use.

Durable and Reliable

Designed to perform, these bottles offer longevity and consistent operation, making them a reliable asset for your catering requirements.

Customizable Features

Enhance your operational efficiency with customizable caps and nozzles that provide precise control and allow for tailored configurations in your service setup.

Bulk Purchase Options

Opt for bulk purchases to secure cost-efficient solutions for extensive events or ongoing business operations, optimizing both time and budget.

Versatile Use

Perfect for containing and dispensing sauces, dressings, and other condiments, our squeeze bottles are designed for ease of use and quick cleaning, promoting an efficient service flow.

Efficient Operations

Their design promotes a steady and smooth flow of contents, minimizing interruptions and enhancing the speed and effectiveness of your catering service.

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