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Extractor Hoods & Ventilation Hoods
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Extractor Hoods & Ventilation Hoods

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Extractor Hoods & Ventilation Hoods. Designed to keep your kitchen fresh and clean. Available in various styles including Extraction Canopies, Commercial Kitchen Extraction Canopies, and Stainless Steel Canopies.

Extractor and Ventilation Hoods

Our extractor hoods ensure a clean, grease-free atmosphere in any commercial kitchen, available in multiple sizes and styles.

Extraction Canopies for Large Kitchens

Designed for comprehensive coverage, these canopies are perfect for high-volume restaurants and cafés.

Durable Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Built for heavy-duty use, these robust canopies offer durability and sustained performance, ideal for busy culinary settings.

Stylish Stainless Steel Canopies

Combining aesthetics with functionality, our easy-to-maintain stainless steel canopies fit modern kitchen designs beautifully.

Efficient Ventilation Options

Our ventilation canopies and hoods remove smoke and odors effectively, enhancing air quality for all kitchen types.

Compact Ventilation Hoods

These hoods are specifically designed for small spaces, making them perfect for cafes and small eateries.

Product Benefits

CaterBoss offers reliable, high-quality kitchen ventilation solutions that cater to various settings from small cafes to large commercial kitchens.

Simple Installation

Installation is straightforward with clear guidelines provided, allowing for quick setup.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with product selection and queries to ensure you find the ideal solution for your kitchen.

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