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Graters, Mandoline & Chipper
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Graters, Mandoline & Chipper

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Graters, Mandoline & Chippers. This selection includes electric graters for efficient cheese shredding, handheld mandolines with ergonomic grips for precision slicing, and versatile chippers featuring adjustable and interchangeable blades for various cuts. Each item is constructed with durability in mind and includes safety guards for secure operation. These tools are designed to make food preparation tasks quicker and safer, with easy-to-clean surfaces that stand up to frequent use.

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Streamlined Kitchen Tools: Graters, Mandolines, and Chippers

Browse CaterBoss's selection of kitchen tools tailored for efficient meal preparation. Our graters, mandolines, and chippers excel in both home and professional kitchens, delivering smooth operation and superior results.

Electric Graters

Designed for heavy-duty use, our electric graters operate effortlessly through large quantities of food. These robust tools are an essential time-saving device for any culinary setting.

Handheld Mandolines

Our handheld mandolines feature ergonomic handles for comfort and adjustable blades for precise slicing. Easy to clean and maintain, they are perfect for everyday kitchen tasks.


Our chippers are designed for versatility, equipped with interchangeable blades and safety guards for secure operation. They perform efficiently in both residential and commercial settings.

Durable and High-Performance Kitchen Tools

Constructed with top-quality materials, our kitchen tools promote easy maintenance and safety while providing reliable performance tailored to the demands of active kitchens.

Enhance Your Cooking Experience

Our robust graters, mandolines, and chippers are engineered to withstand frequent use and maintain consistent performance, making them indispensable tools in any kitchen environment.

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