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Gas Heaters
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Gas Heaters

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Patio Gas Heaters, specifically designed to enhance comfort by providing warmth in cooler weather. Each model is carefully selected from top manufacturers, ensuring both quality and efficiency. Ideal for outdoor environments, these heaters are perfect for extending the usability of patios and gardens during colder months.

RRP €345.00 +VAT
Now: €321.08 +VAT

Top-Quality Gas Heaters for Every Space

CaterBoss offers heaters tailored to both expansive and compact environments. The Gas Heatwave Radiant is designed to provide consistent warmth in larger rooms, while the Heatwave Maker is a compact model ideal for smaller spaces.

Heater Selection Guide

Each model is constructed with efficiency and safety in mind: the Room Warmer integrates smoothly into residential settings, and the Electric Heatwave Radiant combines a sleek design with dependable performance, suitable for office spaces.

Product Comparison

The Gas Heatwave Radiant is optimal for large areas, the Electric Heatwave Radiant suits medium-sized rooms, and the Heatwave Maker excels in smaller spaces. Each model offers unique features to cater to different environmental needs.

Purchase Information

All heaters come with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in their choice.

Stay Warm with CaterBoss

Explore our selection to find the right Gas Heatwave Radiant for your living space or the Electric Heatwave Radiant for your professional environment, ensuring comfort throughout the colder seasons.

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