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Upright Bakery Fridges
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Upright Bakery Fridges

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Upright Bakery Fridges - Top Quality Refrigerators. Stainless steel bakery refrigerated cabinets perfect for storing baking ingredients. Hand-selected from top manufacturers, these units ensure efficient and consistent cooling, essential for preserving the quality of bakery products. Available in various capacities, from compact 265-litre models to spacious 1325-litre units, each fridge features robust construction and modern design to suit professional baking environments.

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Now: €1322.38 +VAT
RRP €1705.00 +VAT
Now: €1504.38 +VAT
RRP €1801.00 +VAT
Now: €1588.38 +VAT
RRP €2065.00 +VAT
Now: €1819.38 +VAT
RRP €3164.12 +VAT
Now: €2650.15 +VAT
RRP €3340.00 +VAT
Now: €2935.00 +VAT
RRP €3800.00 +VAT
Now: €3337.50 +VAT
RRP €7532.40 +VAT
Now: €5619.69 +VAT
RRP €10257.04 +VAT
Now: €8504.81 +VAT

Upright Bakery Fridges

Upright Bakery Fridges offer efficient cooling and storage solutions for baking ingredients, tailored to fit various kitchen layouts and constructed from robust stainless steel.

Essential Features for Baking Professionals

Our bakery refrigerators are engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of baking professionals, ensuring consistent temperature control for optimal preservation of cakes, pastries, and dough.

Flexible Model Options

We feature both compact upright models and expansive refrigerated cabinets, making it easy to find a unit that fits the spatial and capacity needs of any kitchen.

Durable Stainless Steel Build

Constructed from stainless steel, these bakery fridges offer easy maintenance and are built to withstand the demands of busy bakery settings.

Choosing the Right Bakery Freezer

Our bakery freezers come in various sizes and capacities to perfectly align with your kitchen’s space and storage demands.

Benefits of Bakery Cabinets

Bakery cabinets are crucial for maintaining organization and protecting the quality of baking ingredients, making them indispensable in any bakery.

About Our Bakery Fridges

We supply a selection of high-quality, efficient bakery fridges carefully chosen from reputed manufacturers, designed with the precision required by baking professionals.

Support and Information

For more details on our range of bakery storage fridges, our support team is here to assist.

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