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Slush Machines
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Slush Machines

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Slush Machines - Versatile Granita Machines. Perfect for creating a variety of chilled beverages, from classic slushies to more sophisticated frozen cocktails. Our selection includes models suitable for both small and large volume needs, from single barrel units to multi-barrel configurations. Each machine is designed to be easy to use and maintain, ensuring consistent, delicious results for any refreshment service.

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Top-Quality Slush Machines

Caterboss offers a line of slush machines designed for diverse settings, from compact single barrel models perfect for personal or small business use to sturdy multi-barrel options ideal for high-volume areas such as cafes and special events. These machines excel in delivering ice-cold beverages swiftly, making them a must-have during hot weather.

Single Barrel Slush Machines

These compact and user-friendly machines are great for limited spaces, offering quick and easy preparation of chilled drinks, perfect for small-scale operations or home use.

Multi-Barrel Commercial Slush Machines

Our multi-barrel machines are built for durability and efficiency, capable of handling the heavy demands of busy venues and large-scale gatherings with ease.

Key Features and Benefits

Our selection of slush machines is recognized for their reliability and ease of operation. Each model is easy to clean, maintain, and comes with a warranty, ensuring long-term service and customer satisfaction.

Ideal for Diverse Settings

Whether it's a local fair, a bustling cafe, or a festive event, our slush machines serve up refreshing frozen drinks that are sure to enhance any business setting or social occasion.

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