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Orange Juicers
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Orange Juicers

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RRP €1750 +VAT
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RRP €2200 +VAT
Now: €2100 +VAT
RRP €2450 +VAT
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RRP €2930 +VAT
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RRP €3099 +VAT
Now: €2999 +VAT
RRP €5270 +VAT
Now: €5170 +VAT

A wide range of reliable automatic juicers and juice extractors that cater to the needs of any establishment. All of which are easy to use and clean. Caterboss orange juicers are cold press juicers because they squeeze without adding air into the juice. Centrifugal juicers with their fast rotating blade create a foam on top of the juice showing air has been added. Aeration is the scourge of fresh juice, drastically reducing shelf life and nutritional values. The easy to clean stainless steel finish is superior to plastic finishes used by other manufacturers, as it will gleam and look new for years. With solid internal gears & non-brittle squeezing parts Caterboss citrus juicers are built to last. Caterboss citrus juicers are available in a wide variety of models to suit every application and type of outlet.

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